Utah State Champions Crowned!

June 10th & 11th – Deer Creek Reservoir

Top Row Left To Right – Paul Morley, Peter Milburn, Joe Cole, Randy Pierson, Wade Headrick, Joe johnson, Jake Johnson, Cory Stovall, Kenny Keovilayphone, Gabe Aroca Bottom Row Left To Right: Brent Daybell, Joe Skinner, Chris Allison, Kevin Zillig, Clif Gallagher

These Dudes Battled It Out.
Day 1 of the event was really a battle with the wind. We had over 30MPH winds sustained all day. It was tough fishing.

Day 2 The wind was still a factor and the true champions dug in their heels and 10,000 casts later, they rose to the top. Some even pulled out the team spot on the last day of the event.

The Utah TBF paid out over $5000 in this event and with the growing popularity here in Utah, we have new faces on the team! What a great set of anglers to represent the State Of Utah at the National Semi-Finals in the fall.

They say that if you have a tough fishery, it brings out the best in you. Great Job to all the anglers for making it count! Go Get’em Boys!

Top Qualifying Boaters:
Wade Headrick – Team Captain
Joe Johnson
Joe Cole
Peter Milburn
Randy Pierson
Paul Morley
Cory Stovall

Top Qualifying Co-Anglers:
Gabe Aroca. – Team Captain
Jake Johnson
Kevin Zillig Snyder
Clif Gallagher II
Kenny Keovilayphone
Chris Allison
Joe Skinner



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