2017 State Qualifier Announced

We are qualifying the top 6 boaters and the top 6 co-anglers to fish in the district 22 National Semi-Final this Fall!

This year’s qualifying event will be held on Deer Creek Reservoir the second week of June on the 10th & 11th. The reservoir will go off limits on May 29th till June 7th.

June 8th & 9th will be the official pre-fish days.

deer creek

This will be a great time to fish the lake as the fishing there has been exceptional and is only getting better! For registration information and any questions you may have, feel free to contact Brent Daybell at bedaybell@msn.com

The pairings meeting will be held at 5:00pm Friday June 9th with free dinner provided. Please fill this form out and mail it to the address provided. If you haven’t done so, please register with the TBF. In order to fish and be covered by their insurance, you need to register. The dues to register are 65.00 and can be paid to Brent Daybell.

2017 Qualifier Entry Form


Location of meeting will be announced as soon as we can nail down a location.


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